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Solar Submersible and Surface Pumps


GRUNDFOS submersible pumps have an intelligent design motor capable of identifying and adapting to the power source supplied, whether it be through solar modules, wind generators, CFE electrical energy, or combustion generators. The pump adjusts to the power source before starting, which can come from solar modules, CFE energy, combustion generator, or wind generator. We can power pumps up to 250 HP with solar energy.



The surface pumps from SEAFLO and SHURFLO brands are used in small-scale domestic or rural applications such as water re-pumping from one point to another, extraction of water from small watering troughs, or increasing water pressure in a household. We offer various models and capacities at 12 volts, 24 volts, or 110 volts.


Solar Refrigerators


Solar Chest Refrigerator or Freezer

Brand EPCOM, 100 total liters, 12/24VDC, 110VAC, 100W, 24 kg total weight.


Solar Vertical Refrigerator

Brand EPCOM, 7.7 cubic feet (180 liters refrigerator and 40 liters freezer. 220 liters total capacity), 12/24VDC, 110VAC, 120W, 39 kg total weight.


Solar Chest Freezer or Refrigerator

Brand FREEZSOLAR, 9 cu ft capacity (258 liters total), 12/24VDC, 110VAC, 140W, 38 kg total weight.

Electric Fence Energizers and Accessories.


Solar Energizers for Electric Fences

We have a wide range of models and sizes of solar energizers for electric fences, which include a solar module, internal lithium battery, and fully integrated and highly efficient fence cables with built-in grounding connection and the latest solar technology. These energizers are suitable for strip grazing and other portable fences as they are easy to transport and install.

Energizadores para Cerco Electrico con Bateria

Energizers for Electric Fences with Battery.

The battery-powered energizer is very easy to transport and set up, with a lightweight and compact design. It is an ideal energizer for grazing use. It requires six D batteries or an external 12V battery (not included).

Energizers for 110 VAC Electric Fences

Efficient Gallagher technology energizer designed for electrical installations with a 110V output. We have a variety of models, perfect for animal control.

Electric fence accessories.

We distribute a wide variety of accessories for electric fences such as insulators (for wood, rod or T-post), voltmeters, end-strainers, handles, reel holders, conductive wires or tapes and double-coated cables.

Solar Modules and Accessories

Solar Modules

Available monocrystalline solar panels with a 25-year power warranty ranging from 50 watts to 545 watts from various competitive brands in the market.

Accessories for solar modules.

Necessary accessories for the installation of solar modules such as connector sets and mounts.

Solar Lamps for Home Use and Public Lighting


Interior solar lamps

Solar-powered bulbs for indoor use with 12-volt fluorescent or LED technology are a convenient alternative when you have a solar system, as they operate directly connected to batteries. They consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and have a lifespan of 8,000 to 50,000 hours per unit.

Solar street lighting system

Solar-powered all-in-one design lamps provide a practical and compact option for public lighting applications such as parking lots, roads, public areas, among many other options. We have a variety of sizes suitable for each need.

Batteries for Solar Applications

We distribute batteries from brands such as Deka, Rolls, and Epcom, which are specifically manufactured for solar applications with the maximum utilization of stored energy capacity. These batteries are manufactured in deep cycle, lead-acid, gel, or lithium; maintenance-free or with maintenance options.


Charge Controllers

We have PWM or MPPT charge controllers or regulators in 12, 24, or 48 volts. These are necessary to regulate the charge between the solar module and the battery.


Power Inverters

If you have a solar system and want to connect appliances that work at 110 Volts, we offer a wide variety of 12/24/48 Volt to 110/220 Volt power inverters. From pure sine wave inverters, continuous operation, micro-grid inverters, charger inverters, etc.


For those locations where there is no access to electricity, solar pumping systems offer a clean, simple, and low-maintenance alternative to pumps with fuel-burning engines, generators, and windmills. A solar pumping system is programmed to take advantage of the hours with the highest solar radiation during the day, as the system generates the most water when the weather is sunny and dry. To request a quote for a water pumping system, we would need information about the well and the required water amount. Typical applications of solar pumps include:

  • Irrigation (pumping and pressurization).
  • Aquaculture (transfer, circulation, aeration, and thawing).
  • Supply to houses, villages, and camps.
  • Water purification and treatment systems.

Ideal for rural areas or localities where there is no access to the electrical grid but there is a need for electricity for domestic or commercial use. The projects we carry out are distinguished by being custom-designed so that the system size meets all electrical needs according to how the customer wishes to use it. Getting a quote for an isolated solar system is very simple, we need to know which appliances you use and their average daily use.

The energizer sends very short bursts of current to the fence line. These impulses are characterized by high voltage and very short duration, and although they are brief, a shock from an electric fence pulse is unpleasant for animals, which learn to respect electric fences without causing any harm or injury. Therefore, it is an excellent option for animal grazing. To recommend an electric fence system, it is necessary to know the number of kilometers of wire, tape, or string that you intend to use along the fence to energize it.

Interconnected photovoltaic systems to the electric grid produce energy in direct current and are converted into alternating current to supply the needs of homes, businesses, or industries. That is to say, the energy generated by the solar panels is synchronized with CFE, and this option is ideal for reducing the cost of the electricity bill, using a renewable source of energy when there is already access to the electric grid.

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