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At Poder Solar, our experience and commitment to quality make us your best choice for sustainable energy solutions in Mexico.

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Engineer David Soto Pacheco (professional license 1798732) is the founder and current director of Poder Solar. He graduated from the Technological Institute of Hermosillo and started his career as a solar energy sales supervisor in Northwest Mexico for Grupo Condumex. Later, he founded his own project, which he called Poder Solar.

With over 30 years of experience in the renewable energy industry and numerous training sessions, he is known for his integrity and efficiency in dealing with clients. His projects are characterized by customized designs tailored to the specific needs of each client. Along with his family and the support of his team, he continuously strives to make Poder Solar a reliable and complete provider.


Poder Solar's History

The beginning

Poder Solar begins operations in Hermosillo, Sonora, under the entrepreneurship of the founder and current director.

Photovoltaic Systems

Mid-year, we took over the distribution for CONDUMEX group to install off-grid solar systems.

Solar Pumping Systems

We installed the first solar pumping systems in Sonora and Baja California Sur, contracted by FIRCO of SAGARPA (now SADER).

Solar Thermal Systems

We started distributing solar thermal systems for residential and industrial water heating.

CFE Interconnected Solar Systems

We started installing grid-tied photovoltaic systems.

Solar Water Systems

We began installing large-capacity solar systems to supply potable water to entire municipalities in the State of Sonora.


We have consolidated and worked in collaboration with our suppliers and manufacturers to stay at the forefront with training on the products and services we offer.

Satellite Monitoring

In collaboration with pump manufacturer Grundfos, we installed the first satellite monitoring system for pumping systems in Latin America.


In Poder Solar, our mission since 1988 has been to meet your electrical energy needs in a sustainable way, offering you a comprehensive service: design, sale, installation, and maintenance of solar-powered electrical systems.


Poder Solar is present with the best technologies and competitive prices in the renewable energy market, to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and the growth of our company.


We aspire to be recognized by our clients, competitors, and society as a family-owned company characterized by warm and efficient service, committed to providing the best-customized solutions to enhance the quality of life of farmers, ranchers, entrepreneurs, families, and other people who trust Poder Solar. We aim to maintain a high degree of efficiency and integrity in every area of our company, reflected in every valuable collaborator.

Customer focus

Advising our customers to meet their expectations and needs.


Both in guaranteed products and in service and treatment with our customers.


We conduct ourselves with honesty and a high sense of ethics in all areas of our company.

Problem-solving skills

We are committed to transforming needs into sustainable solutions.

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