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Electric Systems with Solar Energy

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Poder Solar is a Mexican company with 35 years of experience in the field of renewable energies.

We provide retail sales and design of solar electric projects for various applications within Mexico, as well as installations throughout the State of Sonora. Thousands of installations and hundreds of satisfied repeat customers back our reputation for quality.

We remain one of the most experienced and quality-driven companies in the northwest region of Mexico.

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Diseño de Proyectos Electricos Solares de Multiples Aplicaciones

Design of Solar Electric Projects for Multiple Applications

Servicio de Revisión y Reparación de Equipos y Sistemas

Installation of Photovoltaic Systems

Instalacion de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos

Equipment and System Inspection and Repair Service

Are you looking for a sustainable and reliable energy solution in Mexico?

Let us show you why we are one of the most experienced and quality-driven companies in the renewable energy sector in the northwest region of Mexico.

Trust us for a sustainable and reliable energy solution!

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Submersible and Surface Solar Pumps

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Solar Refrigerators

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Electric Fence Energizers and Accessories


Solar Modules and Accessories

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Solar Lamps for Home Use and Public Lighting


Batteries for Solar Applications

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Power Inverters

Brands we distribute

We are authorized regional distributors of the GRUNDFOS brand, specifically the SQFlex Solar line. Grundfos was established in 1945 and is the largest pump manufacturer in the world, headquartered in Denmark with a presence in over 50 countries. The SQFlex Solar line of pumps is characterized by working with both direct and alternating current, offering the highest quality in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why investing in solar energy is convenient. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Solar energy comes from a renewable and inexhaustible source, the sun. This contributes to a reduction in the burning of fossil fuels and helps to decrease carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing pollution.
  • The average lifespan for solar panels is 30 years, compared to the return on investment period for solar energy projects which is typically only 3 to 7 years on average.
  • Solar systems are 100% tax deductible in the same fiscal year (article 34 fraction XIII of the ISR Law), and they also add value to the property.

While it is true that the average lifespan of a solar system depends on its components, the main investment in solar photovoltaic panels has an average lifespan of 30 years and a 25-year power warranty. Therefore, a solar system represents a long-term investment with benefits from the moment of installation.

One of the advantages of investing in photovoltaic solar panels is that they are manufactured with a certain level of resistance that allows them to withstand outdoor conditions, and they require minimal maintenance. It is sufficient to regularly check that the panels are clean (free of excessive dust, excrement, or other debris) and that there are no objects casting shadows on them, so that the system does not reduce its performance.

Essentially, yes. Since solar panels capture the sun’s radiation during the day and transform it into usable energy. However, thanks to the ability to inject solar energy generated back into the electrical grid or store such energy in batteries, it is entirely possible to continue enjoying the generated or stored energy during the night and supply your electrical needs.

Not necessarily. Generally, we design pumping systems in such a way that the equipment is capable of producing enough energy during the day to supply the average daily liters of water requested by the client, so it is not necessary to install a battery bank for the equipment to also work at night.


Hear what our customers have to say

Lic. Jorge Lamadrid Peraza, Rancho La Bolsa.

"I am very happy with your service because it has allowed me to use the cowboy for other tasks in the field, since before I spent 3 hours every day going to turn on the pumps, putting gasoline, oil, etc. and currently when the sun comes out, the pumps automatically start pumping water, without polluting the environment, without spending on gasoline and oil, and their maintenance is minimal."

Rafael Rascon, Rancho El Remolino.

"I have been a customer of Poder Solar for over 10 years and I am very happy with their work. They have equipped wells and houses for me. They are very professional in their work, I highly recommend them, they have great service."

Alfonso Noriega, Ganadera el Cosari.

"We have been relying on Poder Solar for many years now. They have equipped 10 wells, 3 refrigerators, and several houses with solar energy. We are very happy with their service and maintenance. We highly recommend them."

Aurelio Ramos, Rancho Las Arenas.

“I am very satisfied with the service I have received from Poder Solar. As a rancher and designer of range water distribution systems, I was initially skeptical about solar energy technology, but now I am completely convinced.”

Arq. Adriana Lagarda.

"Your service and equipment were excellent and I was very satisfied. You will always be my first call."

Miguel Ortiz Montaño.

"The latest in solar technology, a wide variety of products, and great service."

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